During the early hours of work today, the staff of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) were overwhelmed with a fire outbreak in part of their hq office complex. The fire which was said to have started in one of the offices quickly spread through three departments and could have engulfed the whole building if not for the quick and tireless intervention of The Fire fighters from the Lagos State Fire Department, The Fire Department of The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and other security agencies.

Though the scene of the fire caused serious traffic on the road leading to the local and international airports, the fire incident did not affect operations at the Airports and no life was lost or injury recorded but people were panicked and worried.

The cause of the fire incident is yet to be officially established but those who know the building very well asserted to the possibility of an electrical fault as the building is old and the wiring of the building is equally dated.

FAAN headquarters is very small compared to the size of its national operations. The buildings which can be said to be a cluster of bungalows and make shift structures have long out served their usefulness. With cramped corridors and rooms packed with files to the ceiling, the safety profile of the building is very poor and below standard for FAAN as Nigerian brand.

Though normalcy is being restored as the fire has been put out, “The incident is being investigated right now to find out the cause of the outbreak,” according to the FAAN’s spokesperson, Henrietta Yakubu.


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